When the wind blows, at the perfect moment, you can appreciate the aroma of lavender: 3000 organic plants with flowers of a passionate purple color, growing in rows around the hotel La Villa del Valle. With exposed hills and salty sea breezes, scented plants nestled among Mediterranean olive trees are perfectly positioned to absorb the sun's rays and take full advantage of the natural minerals of the sandy soil.

We started with an idea and our beliefs, and we ended up with a product that we believe blends the best of who we are.

About us

Baja Botanica was created by us at La Villa del Valle, the renowned luxury boutique hotel with a very Mediterranean style nestled among hills in the Guadalupe Valley in Baja California, Mexico.

Baja Botanica's extensive range of organic lavender bath and body products are designed to enhance the day-to-day beauty rituals and help restore a sense of calm in our chaotic lives.

our philosophy

Baja Botanica is dedicated to creating the highest quality products using only the best organic ingredients with sustainable and environmentally friendly practices. It is our goal to offer employment opportunities to the people or our local community.

In Baja Botanica we bottle the essence of the valley: nature, tranquility, purity and peace. At Baja Botanica we hope you enjoy the best of our harvest.